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We wear many hats in life. 

Often neglected is the Citizen Hat …

What is a Citizen?

Citizen Hat – 30 pages (give or take) describing what you can and should do, as a citizen, to run the government.  It is your government; it is okay to own it.


Guide to Ethical Behavior – every citizen must engage in ethical behavior for civilization to survive.  John Adam’s famous quote that self-government was “only for a moral and religious people” has been echoed by everyone from Andrew Jackson to George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and others.  Perhaps Benjamin Franklin put it most succinctly: "[O]nly a virtuous people are capable of freedom."   This is a commonsense guide for self-government.


Citizenship Triangle – three pages describing the three “sides” of rights, the “triangle” on which exercising your rights depends.


AMERICA! – Award-winning film by citizens, on the love of their country.  This is an example of Citizens wearing their Hats.


What is a Government?

Constitution Study Guide – 100+ pages, for sale, includes Declaration of Independence.  After completing this book, you'll have read and understood the entire U.S. Constitution! This is a study guide for a high school course in the U.S. Constitution. Throughout it are Exercises, some you can do alone but others are designed for classroom participation.  Also available here (and as an e-book)


Defining Government – two page description of a way to get a High School class engaged in the subject of government.


Necessities for a well-educated Citizen …

The Leipzig Connection: The systematic Destruction of American Education – Traces the history of American Education and its systematic destruction. 

History of Money -- five videos which present the history of our current monetary system, and suggestions for its future. 


Basic Flaw of Marxism – The flaws and failures of the “religion of Marx” are so numerous, the hypothesis of this little essay will connect so many dots, you’ll find yourself thinking of it over and over, seeing how the latest antics that pass for “current events” flow directly from the Basic Flaw.


Destiny of Freedom – This is a remarkable little book, referenced in the “Citizen Hat” above.  But it is very difficult to find.  It is available from the publisher, Citizen Information Network, 2054 Ridgelane Road, Clearwater, FL 33755 Phone (727) 442-7980.


Princess Navina – Children’s stories in the tradition Jonathan Swift and Lewis Carroll.  Preparing for her return to her own land to become sovereign, the Princess visits fantastical nations to study their governments.  Every citizen needs to take this trip.


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